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Trains do more than take us from place to place. They seize our imaginations and transport us to the far beyond. They are beauty and power, elegance and efficiency. During the summer of 2016, London's iconic Underground trains lit a flame of inspiration and passion so deep in the uncompromising eyes of a four-year-old boy, that it could not be satisfied by the less than accurate toy models available. A dutiful father scoured the internet and shops for a toy train that would win the approval of his very discerning little man. After searching far and wide but still not finding anything that would meet the scrutiny with which only a four-year-old can analyse something, the father decided to make a train that would. Using his many years of product design experience he modelled the train in 3D software then printed it on a home-made 3D printer.... It was a hit! The little boy was overjoyed and promptly disappeared into his room to go and build the station and set up his tracks. The train had turned out so well, the father considered that there may be other equally inspired children who might love a toy train set, made with such care and attention to detail. He contacted Transport for London to see if the idea might have potential and after months of negotiation Trainyard was born.

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