Beautiful Packaging


by Great Design

For the packaging of the London Underground Train Set we wanted to create something special and not just another box that ends up in the local landfill. We collaborated with Roelien Immelman from Unrouxly Art to create hand illustrated artwork for our packaging, drawing inspiration from the rich style of Leslie William Green (1875-1908).

Leslie Green studied in Paris in the late 1800’s where his style was certainly influenced by the Art Nouveau movement which was most prominent at that time. He was perhaps the first to develop a standardised look and brand identity for all the stations that he designed, the instantly recognisable arches and oxblood red ceramic tiles still seen at many stations across London today.

The interiors of Green’s stations each had unique patterned ceramic tile designs, with the station names laid into the wall tiles. We chose to use the interior of the recently refurbished Covent Garden station for our packaging with its fantastic white and yellow tile pattern. The famous WAY OUT sign and the self-winding clock from Kentish Town Station can also be spotted on the sides of the outer box.

Turn the box into a 

London Underground Train Station

Step 5

Step 5 - connect the box with standard wooden tracks 

Oval Track Scene.113.jpg